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2019 Leonardian Celebrations



from WWW.TOSCANANELCUORE.IT   15 APRIL - 15 OCTOBER 2019 Leonardian Museum, Vinci Leonardo in Vinci. At the origins of the genius The exhibition co-organized with the Uffizi Galleries, revolves around the original drawing by Leonardo, Paesaggio 8P, already identified as a view of the Lower Valdarno and the Valdinievole. From this first known work of Leonardo, which he dated 5 August 1473, unfolds the exhibition itinerary centered on the landscape in which we can already see the deep interest in nature, the fascination with water, the research in the geological field and cartographic. In this context, the exhibition proposes a reading of the drawing from different points of view, from the historical artistic to the historical geographical, highlighting the thematic elements present in relation to the subsequent scientific, technical and engineering research of Leonardo. Alongside the drawing, precious documents on loan from the State Archives of Florence narrate the biographical events of the early years of the Vinciano: among these, of great suggestion the display of the notary register on which the grandfather Antonio da Vinci noted the birth of his nephew Leonardo Info: www.museoleonardiano.it APRIL - NOVEMBER 2019 Casa del Pontormo, Empoli Leonardo and Pontormo In the evocative birthplace of the artist, the exhibition compares the artistic legacy of Leonardo da Vinci in the work of Pontormo (1494-1557). Through the elaboration of multimedia and digital contents we highlight the legacy of Leonardo in the great Empoli painter. Info: www.comune.empoli.fi.it MAY - AUGUST 2019 Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, Montaione The construction of devotional landscapes in the age of Leonardo between Europe and the Holy Land Precisely in the years when Leonardo da Vinci lived in Catholic Europe, we have the first examples of the phenomenon of the construction of devotional landscapes in imitation of places in the Holy Land. The exhibition, set up at the convent of San Vivaldo, known as the Jerusalem of Tuscany, tells this complex and interesting phenomenon in the light of the most recent archaeological, historical and topographical research. Info: www.comune.montaione.fi.it SEPTEMBER 2019 Civic Museum, Fucecchio At the roots of a Leonardian landscape The new permanent section of the Fucecchio Museum through virtual and plastic reconstructions, supported by the results of the most recent archaeological research, deals with the theme of the formation of a medieval landscape around one of the places represented by the Vinciano in its extraordinary maps of the Lower Valdarno. Info: www.comune.fucecchio.fi.it

SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2019 Palazzo Pretorio di Certaldo, Chapel of San Michele in Semifonte Landscapes in transformation between the Middle Ages and the age of Leonardo. Organized in several locations, this exhibition deals with the theme of modifications to a landscape well known to Leonardo da Vinci in the period from the Middle Ages until the end of the fifteenth century. Water courses and hydraulic structures and the case of the missing city of Semifonte will be re-read against the results of the latest historical-archaeological research. Info: www.comune.certaldo.fi.it 14 SEPTEMBER - 7 JANUARY 2020 Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi The flight between Pisanello and Leonardo In the rooms of the prestigious country house commissioned by the Grand Duke Cosimo I de 'Medici, and today
home to the Historical Museum of Hunting and Territory, referring to the original vocation of this villa,
the exhibition highlights the important role of hunting, even with the falcon, within medieval and Renaissance society.
Starting from the famous Federician code "De arte venandi cum avibus", passing through the medieval falconry and touching
the naturalistic studies of Pisanello and the Lombard school, we arrive at the Leonardo da Vinci Code on the Flight of Birds which
will be exhibited here in a facsimile version.

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