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Giulia Valerio e Robert Mercurio " Le vie del cuore "



The paths of reason and logic are linear and straight, without curves or hairpin bends. They are predictable and lead to destination without any loss of time. The way of the heart seems, at first glance, irregular, inaccurate and full of deviations. It is the way of poets and of lovers, mystics and many artists. Yet there is a place where the way of reason and the way of the heart are intersect and where one corrects and completes the other. This meeting point was called, by the poet T.S. Eliot, the still point and even those who work in the field of the exact sciences begins to appreciate the importance of the intertwining between these two ways of proceeding. We will try to reflect on the interaction between them approaches and to deepen the value of this synergy in different spheres of life. “Discord is the meaning. Apollo does not have altars / at the crossroads of two ways of the heart, ”sings Rilke. What myths, which fairy tales, which dreams and which tales can they show us the centrality of sentiment and reevaluate all parameters that collective consciousness wants to ignore, to weave a coherent weave between warp and weft, between logos and eros?    Schedule Friday 21.00 / 22.30 (optional introduction) Saturday 9.00 / 12.30 - 14.30 / 18.00 Sunday 9.00 / 12.30


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