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Alessandro Sergi e Emmanuelle Frank Predicting the present



Tarot of Marseille The cards represent a series of images that lead us to ourselves, represent a series of our qualities, already existing or potential, which of course in the course of the years we transform, or not, into capacity. The giorco dei tarocchi brings us back to us themselves showing us some of our features. See our quality not allows you to make them immediately accessible, that is, transformable into capacity, unless one does not begin to act actively in the present by cultivating and training them. The paper, like a mirror that allows us to rediscover what already resonates, we can choose what form to give and at what level of depth to arrive. Being deep is better than be superficial? The answer is actually a disarray simplicity, Being profound it's better if you're worth it, being superficial is better if it suits you and anyway you get there where you decide to arrive.

Schedule of the event

Saturday 10 am - 1 pm
2.30 pm- 5.30 pm

On Friday September 28th optional meetting 9pm -10.30 pm

Price: Euro 120.00 lunch included to be paid at the registration.
For any dinner or overnight stay please contact the office.

Info and booking sanvito@san-vito.com
+39 0571 51411
+39 393 979 6984

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