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Following the harvest, a de-stemmer gently washes and presses the grapes. State-of-the-art pumps move the must and wine in the same gentle fashion, in order to protect their quality. Fermentation and processing take place in stainless steel, while storage is in glass-lined cement vats, which insulate the wine and preserve its qualities. The wines mature in large Slavonian oak casks and in French oak barrels.


Attilio Pagli, San Vito's current winemaker, was born in Tuscany and pursued his professional studies in Italy; his numerous contacts on the international scene allowed him to deepen his oenological experience. Pagli carefully oversees every step of the harvest, winemaking, and ageing of the wines. He works closely with other wineries throughout the world and has won increasing attention and accolades from wine experts and professional journals. Pagli is widely considered one of Italy's foremost wine experts.